Use our on-farm collection units and leave the work to us.

You'll save time and money - thousands of dollars a year.

Other growers have been enjoying this option for decades.



Nothing could be easier.  You simply open the lid on one of our specially designed collection units, drop the material in and close the lid.  That's it - you're done.  We empty the units during layout so they'll be ready for the next flock.

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For more than 20 years, farmers like you have been enjoying the benefits of this much easier and environmentally friendly disposal method.  You'll enjoy enhanced biosecurity, increased operational efficiency, and an overall better quality of life on the farm. 

Benefits ›

 You'll also be doing your part to protect the environment, as well as the image of the industry.  This BMP is 95% more cost effective than the average of all other Ag BMPs in reducing phosphorous.  And as an approved BMP, it is eligible for state and federal cost-share programs.

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