A Time-Tested Solution With Field-Proven Benefits

For more than 20 years growers in other regions of the country have been enjoying the benefits of using on-farm storage and collection services.  Now growers in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia can too.   

Benefits Include:

Cost effectiveness – time and labor is drastically less than composting

Simplicity – much easier to manage, greatly reducing your regulatory risk

Improved quality of life – no smells, no flies, and no scavengers

Approved practice – this is an approved BMP in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia

Better biosecurity – sealed containers lock pathogens in and lock scavengers out

Cost-share available – this BMP is eligible for state and federal cost-share programs

Thousands of Dollars A Year In Operational Savings

Our method is much more cost-effective than composting.  In fact, the average farm on Delmarva can realize more than $1,600 a year in operational savings.

It’s not that difficult to believe when you consider the drastic reduction in the amount of time you and/or your farm hands spend layering, monitoring, turning and managing the whole process.  And no tractor or skid steer is necessary so you save money on fuel and maintenance as well.

That $1,600 in savings is after subtracting the cost of powering the units and the flock collection fee so you can add that savings directly to your bottom line.   

  • The cost-savings analysis is based on the average Delmarva farm growing 67,000 birds over a 48-day grow-out cycle (5.53 flocks per year) to an average finished bird weight of 6.25 lbs. with a mortality rate of 3.62% and four collection units.

The Right Solution For Both New And Existing Farms

Whether you have an existing poultry, breeder or laying operation, or are starting a new one, we can provide the right solution to meet your operation's needs.

New Farm

You’re investing in a new farm – so why use obsolete disposal technology when you can start operations with the latest technology?  You can include the cost of the collection units and shed in your construction loan.  Even if you’ve begun the process, it’s not too late to alter your loan agreement – just ask your lender or talk to us.  And if you intend to apply for cost share funding, but are required to build a temporary composter in the interim, be sure to use our shed specifications.  That way, when you get the funding for the freezer units, you’ll be able to easily convert your temporary composting shed into a permanent shed for housing your new freezer collection units.

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click to download brochure

Existing Farm

Increased regulatory scrutiny is coming and it means no more cutting corners.  Composting – which requires a great deal of time and labor to manage when it's done properly – used to be the only option.  Not any longer.  The poultry industry on Delmarva is moving away from that outdated practice and toward an entirely new method that is much easier and less costly to manage.  And because it’s an approved BMP, it’s eligible for federal and state cost-share programs.

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click to download brochure