Meet All Your Farm Refrigeration Needs

About Our Equipment

Farm Freezers sells the green mortality freezers for poultry farmers to use on their farms but also refrigerated Egg Storage Lockers, Vegetable Storage Lockers, Seafood Storage, and any other farm item in need of refrigeration. The units are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come in a variety of sizes with customization available. 

For Improved Food Safety And Quality

We can help you provide your customers with the freshest and safest food. We offer a variety of customized cold refrigeration storage options for eggs, produce and seafood. Sanitary refrigerated storage and transportation are key to the FDA’s efforts to protect food as it travels from the farm to the table.

The goal of Food Safety Modernization Act is to eliminate food safety risks, such as failure to properly refrigerate food or maintain clean equipment. Ensure you are in compliance with all cold storage and temperature monitoring requirements set forth in the FSMA. We can help.

For Improved Poultry Farm Operations

Stop wasting time and money on composting. Use on-farm collection units and leave the work to us. Nothing could be easier. You simply open the lid on one of our specially designed collection units, drop the material in and close the lid. That's it - you're done. We empty the units during layout so they'll be ready for the next flock.

For more than 20 years, farmers like you have been enjoying the benefits of this much easier and environmentally friendly disposal method. You'll enjoy enhanced biosecurity, increased operational efficiency, and an overall better quality of life on the farm.

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