Nothing Could Be More Simple

It's As Easy As One, Two, Three ...

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                                              click to download brochure in PDF

STEP ONE:  Place your routine mortality inside one of our specially designed collection units and then close the lid.  That’s it – that’s the last time you’ll ever deal with that material again.

STEP TWO:  Our customized collection vehicles arrive during layout to empty the units so you’re ready for the next flock.  We even handle routine maintenance on the unit as part of our collection service.

STEP THREE:  Relax – it's really that easy.  Plus you’re saving money and time, while enjoying enhanced biosecurity and an overall better quality of life on the farm.




But Don’t Take Our Word for It

One of our customers, Brent Willin of State Line Farms near Seaford, talked about using freezer collection units on one of his three farms during a presentation at Delaware Ag Week.  You can watch the video of his presentation "Grower Experience | On-Farm Freezers," but his conclusion about collection units as a management practice is captured below:

"The last time we touch the birds is when they drop into that freezer ... we don't have to do anything else with them, except make a phone call ... it's a really nice process,” he said.  “Bottom line – we want more freezers [for our other two farms] … it’s really worked out for us.” 






Getting Started Is Easy Too ...

STEP ONE:  Give us a call, send us an e-mail or click the “I'm Interested” button to send us the information we need to get you started.  We then evaluate your farm to determine the number of storage units necessary and the infrastructure or retrofitting required to house those units.

STEP TWO:  We then provide a quote and review financing and cost-share options with you.  Only you can decide if on-farm freezer units are right for your operation – but we'll give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.