Collection Units

Our on-farm freezer collection units are low-maintenance, durable and farm-proven.  Each component was custom designed for this purpose – and the latest design has been in use for more than a decade.  The storage box is made of rotation molded plastic with injected foam insulation.  The top-mounted freezer has proven on-farm performance and features a digital thermometer for easy monitoring.

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Collection Unit Sheds

Custom designed for use with our collection units, our shed designs ensure optimal performance in many ways.  First, the enclosure provides protection from the elements ensuring a longer life.  Second, the winch system provides protection from damage during emptying and maintenance.  Third, the roof provides protection from the sun ensuring reduced power consumption.  Modular in design, the shed structure can be scaled to accommodate any size operation.  Stick built on site with corrugated metal roof and sides, it comes complete with concrete pad, electric hookups, and winch system to safely raise the top-mounted freezer and hood during collection.




Routine Collection

Our custom collection equipment arrives during layout, empties the collection units and then returns them to the sheds for your next flock.  Payment is made via flock deduction.  The collection fee also includes routine maintenance of the freezer unit – about twice a year depending on freezer unit run times – to extend its life and ensure peak performance.



Catastrophic Loss Collection

The loss was bad enough – don’t let mass mortality disposal be an ongoing burden on your farm operations. Contact us immediately to see if we can assist and how best to handle the material.

No collection occurs if a farm is quarantined. All mortality, whether composted or frozen, is disposed of in accordance with the state veterinarian’s emergency response guidelines.